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Accent DG - Architecture

Accent Design Group S.A.L., established in 2007, is a specialized architecture design firm that serves the Middle East from headquarters in Beirut. The Accent DG portfolio consists mainly of progressive architectural projects in the MENA region, including the Qatar, Jordan, and the KSA, Lebanon, and the UAE.

Research and experimentation form the core of Accent DG's design methodology, resulting in unconventional typologies and specialized solutions. Cultural and behavioral, as well as environmental and geographical considerations are taken before the team forms a design.

Architects - Design & Supervision

Accent DG offers specialized architectural design based on the limitations and possibilities of each particular site. Our design strategy involves creating optimized spatial experiences that are conducive to modern living. The Accent design team listens to your needs and offers professional insight to create distinctive high-end projects, set apart from a largely superficial and commercial market.

Our team of architects has tackled a wide range of challenges in creating high-caliber and innovative solutions for residential, mixed use, hospitality, entertainment, corporate, and urban planning sectors. Accent DG also supervises the construction process to maintain quality and ensure the proper execution of the design.

Partners - Integrated Solutions

ADG Interiors - Interior Design
ADG Interiors is characterized by tasteful, functional, and creative interiors that compliment the architectural design of your space.

Home Construction - Development & Contracting
Home Construction, based in Riyadh, carries out high standard engineering and contracting for projects throughout the KSA.

Elie Abs
Co-founder - Principal Architect
Souhail Kayali
Co-founder - Civil Engineer
Aline Fadous
Senior Architect
Charbel Karam
Senior Architect
Natalie Abou Reslan
Senior Architect
Yasmine Bitar
Senior Interior Architect
Loubna Alayli
Interior Architect
Marc Fahed
Senior Architect
Jad Fenergi
Business Development-Interior Architect
Joy Abi Rizk
Interior Architect
Christina El Helou
Christina El Helou
Senior Accountant
Vanessa Abou Harb
Farah Ghalayini
Architect & Press Manager

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Featured Media

09 Jan 2023

Villa Venti at The Arab Architect Awards 2022 - Presentation by Principal Architect Elie Abs


Villa Venti has been shortlisted for the Arab Architect Awards 2022 under the "Large Scale - Residential" Category. The presentation, conducted by Principal Architect Elie Abs at Al-Husseini Cultural Center in Jordan documents the strategies used to design the complex amidst the social, environmental, and economic...

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Identity - The Design Awards Issue features contemporary artefacts, installations, the "Identity Design Awards 2022" and other significant projects across the MENA Region honored across 13 categories, ranging from regionally based to international architecture practices. The Terraces has been featured in this issue. Accent Design...

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17 Nov 2022

The Terraces: Winner of "Architecture - Residential" Identity Design Awards 2022

Accent Design Group has won the "Identity Design Award" 2022 in Dubai – UAE for "The Terraces" under the "Architecture – Residential" category.  

"The Terraces" stands out as a single-family villa in the Chouf mountains in Lebanon, taking its inspiration from the landscape and the territory.  


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05 May 2022

COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN - " Electric Pawn Shop / Accent Design Group "

Electric Pawn Shop, an f&b bar in Dubai, UAE, designed by Accent DG was featured by Commercial Interior Design for May 2022. 


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30 Mar 2022

Elie Abs Online Lecture Series Spring 2022 - Lebanese American University (LAU)


Summary of Lecture: Amidst the fast pace which governs our profession, this talk forms a self-reflective process, where Arch. Elie Abs takes the opportunity to read through his architectural approach, spanning Lebanon and UAE. Simple yet complex, sophisticated yet natural, silent yet present, sensitive yet resilient,...

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30 Aug 2017

DESIGNBOOM - " The Terraces House / Accent Design Group "

The Terraces House, a horizontal family villa in the chouf mountains of Leabnon, designed by Accentdg was featured among Designboom’s selected works for August 2017


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20 Oct 2014


Links’ latest publication, MEDITERRANEAN HOUSING LEBANON, documents the most significant residential projects in Beirut. Two of Accent DG’s projects are featured:

 “Beirut Observatory the award-winning architectural project for the wan award 2011, winner of the residential category.

Gemmayze 7, known as “Allée Des...

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08 Jul 2014

ARCHDAILY - "Jiyeh Villa / Accent Design Group"

Jiyeh villa is situated on the coastal beachtown of Jiyeh, south from Beirut. It can be described as an arrangement of four volumes, which are layered in a way to create a rhythmic composition. It was featured among Archdaily’s selected works for July 2014. Find a description, photographs of the completed project, drawings,...

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