Location  Dubai, UAE
Category  Residential
Lead Architect  Elie Abs
Project Consultant  Elie G. Haddad
Project Team  Vanessa Abou Harb, Aline Fadous, Amir Jammoul
Area  633 sqm
Materials  Travertine, White Paint
Status  In progress

Villa in Dubai

Blending in the silent desert, the villa fades into the landscape through its horizontality. The minimalist approach renders it a sensitive artifact raised on the pedestal of the natural surroundings. The Villa in Dubai reinterprets the typology of the traditional Arab house through a contemporary approach that acknowledges the courtyard as the principal datum of reference, andorganizes the spaces around it.

A series of spaces unfold at the back of the U-shape organization. Simple yet complex, the villa responds to contemporary needs and functions. The open space, acting as the main communal space integrating the pool, separates the public functions from the private functions. Bedrooms profit from the landscape views on both sides. Additionally, the living space acts as the culmination of the promenade that originates at  the main entrance.

Born from the context, the project is environmentally responsive. A large glass fa├žade maximizes transparency whilst enjoying the northern light. To the other sides, thick walls, deep recessions and multiple windows enhance cross-ventilation. The house thus emerges out of the landscape, with the water pond accentuating the atmosphere of an oasis in the desert.