Location  Barcelona, Spain
Category  Leisure
Lead Architect  Elie Abs
Project Team  Jana Fakih, Yasmine Bitar, Julia Al Murr
Materials  Brass, Wood, Wallpaper, Metal, LED tiles, textiles, Mirror
Status  Completed
Client  Dead End Paradise

Dead End Paradise Spain

Lying at a street corner in the city of Barcelona, Dead End Paradise proudly founds its second branch in Europe, Spain. The new F&B Bar, initially launched in the Gemmayzeh district of Beirut (Lebanon) where it was designed by Accent Design Group, represents itself as a social playground, realized through an urban experiment, and confined within a double height space. The Asian Tiki dive bar is composed of a central arena with a circulatory spine that leads up to a cantilevering party room.  The central arena is highlighted by small scale interventions that include the main bar, a tasting table and a dining area. By merely opening the glazing flanking the central area, the owners are capable of fusing the indoor and outdoor spaces into one. This allows for a complete liberation of the ground floor - maximizing fluidity and porosity while allowing an abundancy of light in. By allowing the bar to take the entire neighborhood as a setting, the bar morphs to a literal social playground at an urban core. 

Reading like a disco ball, the cantilevering party room is covered with small, mirrored facets that reflect flashing neon lights contouring the central space.  The party room includes an illuminated dance floor with a matrix of LED tiles that represent the sole light source for the room. This concept, popularized in the 1970’s disco and well suited for a retro experience, exposes the visitors to multiple spatial temporalities within the bar. 

Inspired by a Hollywood theme that provides a sense of adventure and diversity, the visitor is welcomed by a floor mounted Hollywood star, Film craft director chairs and animal print textiles that include The Zebra, leopard, and tiger prints in pop color. The floor mounted Hollywood star marks the bar’s ranking within the top 50 international bar.