Location  Saifi, Lebanon
Category  Retail
Accent DG  Interior Design
Lead Architect  Elie ABS
Project Team  Joy Abi Rizk, Zeina Ammar
Status  Completed

Contractor S construction

Studio M Concept Boutique

Studio M is located on a corner lot in Saifi Village, a calm and high end area in the heart of Beirut. The store opens up to the street from three sides, filling up the interior with natural light thus dissolving the boundary between inside & outside. The ground floor is an open space divided into 3 platforms gradually elevated at various heights. The main entrance of the store is through the coffee shop which covers the first area. The retail area is situated on the 2 upper levels with a staircase in the corner leading to the fitting rooms. The 3 central columns were stripped down to their raw layer, resulting in an industrial exposed concrete finish. The flooring of the first and last platforms is covered with natural wood parquet whereas the middle one is layered with poured concrete. The pieces are displayed on different stands on the periphery of each zone. Some are placed on steel shelves and others on industrial floor hangers. In the center, a long table with drawers on one hand. And movable cubes of different sizes on the other hand.