Location  Dohet el Hoss, Lebanon
Category  Residential
Accent DG  Architectural design
Lead Architect  Elie Abs
Project Team  Charbel Karam, Petia Ratzov
Area  2,100 sqm
Materials  Stone, wood
MEP Consultant  Wissam Tawil & associates
Structural Consultant  Jamil Toufic


Located in Dohet el Hoss, Evergreen is 10 minutes away from Beirut’s international airport. Situated in the upper part of the area, which enjoys less urbanization, the site offers great views of the surrounding mountain and sea. Although it is in a quiet and private area, the project is easy to access and only five minutes away from basic amenities.

The desire to preserve the natural landscape resulted in a building design that would have minimum impact on the site. The design team created two separate blocks linked by common areas core, envisaged as a green corridor. Separating the blocks reduces the feeling of housing density and increases privacy, giving residents a townhouse experience within an apartment building.

Evergreen’s eight spacious apartments range between 193 and 310 sqm, with two types of units. There are six simplexes, two of which have gardens. Two duplexes make up the top levels and benefit from a large rooftop terrace. All of the apartments feature large balconies oriented to the east and west to access the great views. These residences are a perfect main home throughout the year.

The transparency of the central core stimulates the growth of greenery through the building. Using materials such as stone and wood contributes to the natural concept of the project.