Location  Gemmayze, Lebanon
Category  Leisure
Accent DG  Interior Design
Lead Architect  Elie ABS
Project Team  Joy Abi Rizk, Zeina Ammar
Area  80 sqm
Status  Completed
Client  Electric Bing Sutt

Contractor  S construction

Electric Bing Sutt

Located in the heart of the authentic vibrant street of Gemmayzeh, Electric Bing Sutt is an all-day resto/bar engaging with the vibe of the street and breathing life along it. It is a reinterpretation of the Honk Kong- inspired speak- easy eatery.

The venue has a longitudinal façade opening up to the street. The design intention was to create a nook along the street, blurring the boundary of the indoor and outdoor spaces. The existing windows were enlarged to maximize daylight and the interaction with the street. A bench was implemented all along the street elevation, converting the facade into occupiable space, establishing maximum porosity and surprise encounters, an intermediate space between the inside and the street vibe.

The space is divided into three main zones. The bar is situated in the middle of the space facing the entrance, welcoming the urban dwellers. It is flanked by a dining area to the left, and a more relaxed -casual zone to the right. These various conditions are in constant interaction with the “Living façade” and subsequently the street. 

In respect to the authenticity of the historical building, built in the 1920’s, the intention was to preserve the existing architecture with minimum significant intervention. The existing wooden ceiling and stone wall structure was preserved to act as the primary palette in which all additional material is to contrast with. All the new intervention was created using contemporary material, encased within this existing structure, creating a clear timestamp of the two different layers that bring this space to life. Light grey concrete floor, glass block walls, gold metal sheets on the bar, terrazzo tables, and stainless steel mesh in the furniture were used to contrast with the existing elements.  A unique identity was given to this Electric Bing Sutt outlet with the use of folding chairs, ceiling fan, neon lights & the pastel green color.

A pink neon sign in Chinese calligraphy, archetypal of the Electric Bing Sutt concept, was inserted in the dining area, transforming it into an intimate red drinking room at night. Once the red light is dimmed and the natural daylight floods all the enlarged windows, the place metamorphosizes into a perfect destination for casual daytime coffee and lunch dates.

Electric Bing Sutt transforms from a fluid extension of Gemmayzeh Street, with natural light flooding in, accentuating all the details of the space during the day to a vibrant red room at night whereby the materiality of the space disappears regenerating a new Electric Bing Sutt experience.