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10 Jan 2012

ARCHDAILY - "Dead Sea Resort & Opera House / Accent Design Group"

Alison Furuto’s article on Accent DG’s Dead Sea Resort and Opera House architectural design appeared on Archdaily in January 2012. Read a description of the project and concept; find plans and renderings. 

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07 Jul 2011

ARCHDAILY - "Beirut Residential Building / ACCENT DESIGN GROUP"

Christopher Henry’s article on Accent DG’s award-winning architectural project: Beirut Observatory appeared in Archdaily in July 2011. This is an eloquent description of the project along with plans and renderings. 

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26 Aug 2010

ARCHDAILY - "Apartments in Tilal Faqra (Snowflake) / Accent Design Group"

Karen Cilento’s article on Archdaily, published in August 2010, describes Snowflake; an architectural project designed and carried out by Accent DG. Find a description, renderings, and plans of this project. 

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